Trump Administration has assigned top priority to build a border wall to secure its border with Mexico but, underground tunnels continue to exist and, Drug Cartels carry on their activities using these tunnels. Some of these are primitive, others are modern and sophisticated and are located under the border fence that splits San Diego and Tijuana. Fox News reports that this is a significant lapse in border security and, when these are discovered, concrete is used to fill them up on the American side.

Procedure followed

A Homeland Security Investigations special agent has confirmed that each and every tunnel that comes to light is filled up with concrete.

However, Mexico does not follow such a practice. They argue that filling them with concrete is an expensive affair so they leave them in as-is condition. The result is that the drug cartels use the Mexican side of the tunnel and, when they reach the blocked US side, they just dig another one to bypass the blocked one. This is apparently a better option, more economical and a time saver. But, it frustrates the United States who spend millions to discover and block the tunnels so as to contain the evils of drugs but is unable to do it.

The Mexican Border area is riddled with such gimmicks and, guards are positioned at some points while others are left unguarded. However, given the might of drug cartels and those associated with them, there is a fear factor always at work which is a major stumbling block.

What is the solution?

The way things stand now, these underground tunnels cannot be wished away and, piecemeal guarding does not serve the purpose. These have become a permanent feature of the Mexican landscape and, building a wall above the ground may not solve the problem because there are paths beneath the ground.

Of course, American authorities try their best to locate those that are on the U.S.

side of the border. They take the help of not only technology but, also, information from informants as well as people of the neighborhood but, much more needs to be done to fight the drug menace. The border wall may be a hindrance for illegal immigrants who want to cross over into America but, not for the drug cartels and those associated with drugs.