According to Queensland police, Gordon Chalmers, 42, has been utilizing “multiple online platforms” to communicate with and exploit children – including Skype and Facebook – for as long as 10 years. Among other offenses, he posed as Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, to obtain sexually explicit photographs of many of the victim children. As reported by, Chalmers is now facing charges for a total of 931 offenses relating to child exploitation and child pornography. Reportedly, Chalmers was already facing several charges on various child sex offenses, but after a recent and thorough investigation of his computer, detectives slapped him with a further 931 offenses, which police have described as “horrendous.”

The BBC reports that while reportedly some of Chalmers’ victims were living in Australia, Queensland police have stated that international authorities have also been involved in the investigations, including U.S.

Homeland Security and police in Germany. Among the alleged child victims so far uncovered, six children were Australian, while 50 were U.S. based and 20 lived in the U.K. There are reportedly 157 alleged child victims worldwide and investigations are still ongoing.

Posing as Justin Bieber to prey on children

In many of his conversations with children, he posed as pop star Bieber, in order to prey on their vulnerabilities. According to Detective Inspector Jon Rouse of Queensland Police, the fact that children believed they were actually communicating with a popular celebrity highlights the need to rethink the way society is educating children about online safety. He went on to say that the range of offenses in Chalmers’ case is “frankly horrendous,” and includes, among other crimes, making child exploitation material, posting child pornography, the indecent treatment of children and many more.

Police are emphasizing the need for parents worldwide to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to their children’s online activities and Chalmers warned young Bieber fans and their parents to be especially aware.

Reportedly Chalmers is heading to court on April 6, while the real Justin Bieber is set to arrive in Brisbane shortly for his concert in that city on Monday.