Experts at NASA claim that they have found a solar system with 7 Earth-like planets.

Recently, astronomers have made an announcement that they are about to travel to this new solar system. They aim to find out if life is possible beyond Earth or not. The planetary system has a number of large and small planets. There are chances that liquid water and aliens are present somewhere in the distant skies.

An ocean of worlds

Scientists at the European Southern Observatory and NASA have revealed that the newly discovered planetary system consists of seven innermost rocky worlds.

It is just the beginning. Soon the team will visit the planets to find out if life is possible there or not. Three of the big planets are present in the star’s habitable zone. A habitable zone is a region where liquid water could exist. So, if water is present there, then aliens or other living beings will also be present. It means NASA’s scientists are now ready to discover life on each of these three planets.

According to Michael Gillon from the European Southern Observatory, this solar system has a large number of Earth-sized planets with liquid water. If they failed to discover aliens, plants, or animals, then they’ll try to find out if water species exist there or not. It is, indeed, an unusual planetary system because now we feel that we are not alone in this universe.

There are chances that soon NASA’s experts will give us the good news of life being possible somewhere else too.

An ultra-cool draft star of the new planetary system

Mr. Amaury Triaud has said that the new planetary system has an ultra-cool dwarf star. When asked what is meant by ultra-cool dwarf start, he said that a star that emits light at a slower rate.

Also, the energy output from dwarf stars is weaker than our Sun. fortunately, this is what scientists at NASA were trying to discover for years. An amazing thing is that this newly discovered planetary system is only 40 light-years away from the Earth. So, it will be very easy for astronomers to reach the surfaces of the three big planets.