The Malaysian authorities have declared the danger-zone of the airport of Kuala Lumpur where the brother of the North Korean leader was murdered with a very powerful neurotoxic agent on Sunday to be safe.

Civil defense personnel dressed in white protective suits have been sifting through the night after Malaysia's revelations on Friday about the agent used in the spectacular assassination of Kim Jong-Nam on February 13.

The victim of the VX gas

According to the results of a preliminary toxicological analysis, he was the victim of VX - a more deadly version of the sarin gas classified as a weapon of mass destruction - painless, odorless and highly toxic.

The two women suspected of having administered it say they were duped. Police had wrapped up a large part of the departure hall at Terminal 2 of the international airport to allow civil defense officials to look for traces of this neurotoxic agent. The authorities then said the area was safe and nothing was found.

On video-surveillance images that have leaked into the media, one can see Kim Jong-Nam approached back by two women, one of whom apparently projects something to his face. Kim Jong-Un's half-brother was then taken to the airport clinic before succumbing on his transfer to the hospital.

The police investigation continues

"The police sealed off three areas: the attack scene, the toilets where the two suspects washed their hands and the path taken to the airport clinic," said a police spokesman.

One of the suspects, Siti Aisyah, a 25-year-old Indonesian, said she received the equivalent of 90 dollars to take part in what she thought was a hidden camera type television show, according to a senior diplomat quoted by media.

The other woman, 28-year-old Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, told the Vietnamese authorities that she was trapped, that she also thought she was participating in a video gag.

A North Korean has also been arrested in the investigation into the killing and is in pre-trial detention. The police also suspect four North Koreans who fled Malaysia on the day of the crime to return to Pyongyang and want to interrogate three others, including a diplomat in Kuala Lumpur.