5 people including four Americans were reportedly killed after a light aircraft crashed into a shopping centre in Melbourne Australia.Australian media reported that the four Americans were on a golfing trip .

Experienced aviator

The Aviation authorities have also reported that the Aviator was 60 year old Max Quatermain.

Qautermain had been in the Aviation industry for more than 38 years with impeccable experience according to his company details obtained by Australian Media. However aviation authorities have told Australian media that the plane a twin-turboprop Beechcraft King had recently undergone an aircraft test which it passed and the pilot’s license renewed in Melbourne.

Mechanical difficulties

Local authorities reported that the aircraft “appeared to have mechanical difficulties “after takeoff from the Essedon airport in Melbourne at 9.00 am Australian time.Witnesses reported seeing a huge fireball shortly after the plane took off.Local Authorities have commended the 60 fire fighters who helped put off the fire.

Victims identified

2 of the American victims who died in the Crash have been identified.Greg Reynolds De haven who was identified by his sister was a retired FBI agent who hailed from Texas. His sister reported that he had been travelling to Australia to play Golf.

The second victim identified was Rusell Munsch, who was identified by his cousin Carol Holst in a face book post.

Investigation on the crash commences

Australian authorities have began investigations on the crash with 3 investigators being sent to the crash site.However Douglas Driry an aviation lecturer at the University of Brisbane has said that investigations might be difficult as the plane had alot of fuel.

According to Drire the plane was highly regarded by aviators"The King Air is a very robust aircraft.

It’s been in operation for a number of years, flown thousands of hours around the globe. It’s a trusted aircraft.” he said.

Authorities also reported that residents had been shaken by the crash as most of them use domestic flights when travelling.The Airport has reportedly been closed down.