North Korea and its dictator Kim Jong-un are boxed in with their ambition to have a nuclear-tipped ICBM capable of hitting the USA. The ICBM is still some time away but the sanctions imposed on North Korea are having an effect and has led to a dramatic change in the North Korean outlook. The dictator seemingly wants to attract more tourists to the North to partly offset the effect of the sanctions. The North Korean leader (who is the last word in North Korea) has ordered an image makeover of the airline Koryu. The 2017 calendar is out now, and it is a revolutionary step.

The calendar features North Korean girls working as flight attendants in short chic dresses with high heels. 9 of the 12 months of the calendar showcase the flight attendants inviting prospective guests. Earlier calendars showed only the scenic spots of the landscape.

New dresses for the flight attendants

North Korea is considered a forbidden territory, and perhaps Kim Jong-un is having some second thoughts about the image of the country. Some time back, the attire was given a facelift and the women were given short, tight-fitting skirts with high heels. Scores of women are displayed in the calendar. In one of the photos, a hostess is even shown pouring a glass of draught beer. The calendar is something new, and many are surprised.

It is difficult to associate Kim Jong-un with anything artistic as he has reportedly executed scores of political opponents.

Stress on tourism

North Korea is now putting greater emphasis on tourism as a way to make up some of the difference on account of the sanctions placed upon the country. One of their oldest hotels in Pyongyang has been opened after 3 decades.

With a new airline calendar, the country will be thinking that it will be able to shore up the economy with tourist traffic. This may not work out, as the connection of North Korea through their airline Koryu is limited. Nevertheless, this is a significant step and in the long run, more tourist traffic may take the country out of its isolationist mentality.