A bizarre case has surfaced in Delhi, which for many reasons has earned the title Rape capital of India. A 35-year-old married woman was having fights with her husband as she wanted a divorce. After one such fight, an angry husband locked her up in a room and went upstairs to have a nap. Two men who were her husband's employees entered the room and while one held her hands the other pulled off her dress and raped the woman. Despite her shouts the husband did not hear or pretended not hear. Later he claimed that he was asleep.The incident took place in Southwest Delhi.

The rape

After the incident the woman reported the matter to the police and one of the two accused has been arrested. A hunt is on for the other accomplice. Both men worked in a shop owned by her husband. The husband claimed that as he was asleep he did not know that his wife was raped. The police have called in the husband for questioning as they would like to verify that the rape may not be at the behest of the husband, This could be a possibility as both husband and wife were antagonists to each other and wife was wanting a divorce. The police acted swiftly and the woman was sent for a medical examination to confirm that rape had taken place. Later the woman who had suffered a traumatic shock was counseled.

Crime against women

All rapes are bad and Delhi is fast getting notoriety as a center of rape. It is a common practice as seen in a number of cases for a woman to be abducted from the roadside at a lonely spot and gang-raped in a moving car. Many foreign tourists have also been raped in Delhi. The government is under attack from women activists in Delhi for the high incidence of rape in the capital of India.

One reason for the high prevalence of rape in India is the punishments awarded to rapists and misplaced sense of justice in not executing death sentences awarded and confirmed by the Supreme Court. The 4 rapists who raped and killed a girl in a moving bus called the Nirbhaya case are stiil not hung and this has angered many. It also acts as a signal to a rapist that perhaps he will go free,.