The world of beauty contests is expanding, and regional tie-ups are taking place. Three countries that form the heartland of Asia, namely Mongolia, China, and Siberian Russia have been holding the "Snow Queen" beauty contest. The 3 nations are intertwined by history and this was the 13th edition of the show, which was held in China. The show is part of a regional identity makeup and also shows the world the cohesiveness of the 3 nations. The beauty contest gives a great chance to Mongolia, which is landlocked to show the talent of its girls and women.

The 2016 contest was held in China and the winner was Na Misherte from Mongolia and the Russian girl, Victoria Borisova took the second position, with Chinese girl Liu Shu Han taking the second runner-up prize. The contest was held last year from December 5-25.

Beauty contest

The show had all the trappings of glamor and participants had to appear in their national dress, as well as a bikini contest. Many of the Russian girls wore their Kokoshnik -- the traditional headdress. It was a great opportunity for Mongolia, and their contestants took part -- with 14 Mongolian women participating in the contest, The Russians were in great force but the top prize went to a contestant from Mongolia.

Mongolia is one of the most isolated countries in the world as it is sandwiched between Russia and China.

The Buddhist nation, however, charts an independent course and recently it defied China by hosting the Dalai Lama. The Chinese enforced an economic blockade which was countered by India's Modi with a one billion dollar credit for purchases. Buddhism is the common link between India and Mongolia.

Opening for Mongolia

During the final bikini contest, 15 Russian contestants took part.

The contest was launched in 2003 and is an annual event. This contest is a great opportunity for these women to showcase their beauty in contests like these. Either way, it certainly provides a differing perspective to what most Western viewers are used to when they think of beauty contests.