The United Nations (UN) accepted a list of Sustainable Development Goals Friday that build on their Millennium Development Goals announced in 2000. This shows that the 2000 agenda has been a success, but also urges countries in the UN to look ahead and work toward the post 2015 agenda for the future to also be a success in reaching the desired goals. The 2030 Agenda’s top five goals are:

  1. No poverty
  2. No hunger
  3. Good health
  4. Quality education
  5. Gender equality

Africa, spoke out at the UN General Assembly and pointed out how their countries have been led by the Millennium Development Goals during the past 15 years and believe that the new goals marked for the post 2015 agenda represent the joint determination to transform the globe by 2030.

Met goals show Millennium Development Goals status in 2015

The President of the African country of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, for instance, highlighted what his country has done in order to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals. He mentioned things like better access to education; including getting more balance in gender access to education, as well as reducing infant mortality rates.

Mozambique is one of 50 countries that the UN has picked to host national consultations. Nyusi stressed that his country was working towards the theme of the 70th General Assembly session, which is “a commitment to action.” He said that it ought to contain not only a commitment to continue to fulfill the MDGs, but also should include Mozambique’s commitment to coming up with an efficient method of preventing and managing conflicts, and to accomplish the setup of a convention to fight against terrorism.

Worldwide humanitarian crisis is unprecedented

Nyusi went on to point out that platforms should be established to promote talks between different cultures and nations to help promote more tolerance, as well as build a more peaceful culture for the world. He talked on how the worldwide humanitarian crises happening in Europe and beyond is overshadowing the accomplishments of the UN in meeting the MDG goals in 2015.

He said that the situation was shocking and was caused by several unsolved problems, as well as badly settled issues going on in the world.

UN stands alone in facing all nations’ problems

Throughout the march towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals for 2015, the UN stands alone as the only worldwide group working to help all countries, whether they be rich or poor, big or small, or whatever religion or culture they believe in, and must continue to work towards the betterment of the world’s peoples.