It is the age of technology and work is on to create robotic dogs that can perform all the duties of ordinary canines 24/7 without any break. A firm has given shape to such a product that is making waves in the field of security. These are sleek, four-legged robots that can be programmed to carry out a whole range of duties.

New Zealand Herald reports that these SpotMini robots created by Boston Dynamics first came into the limelight in June 2016. In the opinion of CEO Marc Raibert, these could become a common sight once the company starts to sell them next year.

They could be useful in various activities like search and rescue operations or guaranteeing security to businesses.

Robots have come to stay

The firm had earlier built the BigDog which was funded by the Pentagon. Its purpose was to have a robotic dog to assist in battlefield operations like moving heavy equipment from one place to another and help evacuate wounded troops. However, the project was shelved by the Marine Corps in 2015 because BigDog was a bulky contraption and might have been a hindrance during action.

Speaking at a conference at the University of California, Berkeley, Marc Raibert explained that the role of robots in everyday life is set to increase. It is possible to create robot dogs to perform different roles by customizing their functions.

Already, a few SpotMinis have been built and around another 100 will be added before it goes into mass production.

These will prove useful once they are programmed to climb up and down staircases and navigate on their own by avoiding obstacles. They can be useful in times of disasters when search and rescue operations are important, apart from security duties.

The future of robotics

Elon Musk has his own ideas about robots. In his opinion, these autonomous machines pose grave dangers to the world. He feels that adopting artificial intelligence is as good as inviting the devil. This is in spite of the fact that he is the owner of SpaceX and has his sights on colonization of Mars which will involve the large-scale use of robotics.

Boston Dynamics is a product of Japan. Its robotic dogs, capable of search and rescue activities along with security duties, will prove their worth in days to come. The company is developing humanoid robots to add to its list. These will be fitted with stereo vision, and sensors to impart superior mobility. They will be useful when dangerous jobs are involved, jobs that could pose risks to human lives, like handling hazardous chemicals or poisonous gases.