Mischa Dohler, a professor of wireless communications at King's College, has investigated the advantages of the 5G network to access virtual reality in fields such as medicine and robotics. In a study reported on by CNN, it revealed that it opens up the possibility of building a database with the skills of the people and in this way teaching others through the internet, even if the teacher is in one country and the student in another.

The Internet of Skills will change the way of learning

Ericsson has joined researchers from King's College London to devise futuristic applications for 5G.

They are analyzing everything from music to medicine. The research aims to promote teaching through the 5G network and gloves with sensors, while the Internet of Skills arrives and this allows, for example, that a surgeon with the virtual reality equipment and a glove can perform a remote operation.

Until now, remote surgery has been possible, but with 5G, the speeds will eliminate all interruption problems because the new network architecture will work at incredible speeds. It is also planned to digitize the skills to play musical instruments and teach them remotely to people who want to learn. A glove with sensors will track and record the movements of the fingers and the position of the hands.

The data would be stored in the skills database and would be ready to be transmitted.

With the glove and the speed of transmission 5G, people would start to play melodies based on the information that reaches the glove, just as a surgeon can use the glove so that their skills are recorded on a computer and with this information can be taught to medical students.

This would be an advantage, for example, if there is a surgeon with a lot of experience worldwide since it would be difficult to go to each university on the planet teaching a specific technique. The glove and the 5G network would allow for teaching in several countries simultaneously.

The 5G network needs security

However, it may take another decade for the Internet of Skills to be fully functional.

First, it is necessary to increase the security of networks so that this technology is not used to cause harm or commit crimes that are more difficult to punish. With the 5G network, there is a danger that the databases will be accessed and the information of the security systems modified, but it is expected that it will soon be safe and can be used in medicine.

Dohler, who is a pianist, plans to digitize his skills and teach people to play the piano remotely. He also imagines that a surgeon would upload his skills to a database to train students from around the world. But he said it could be another decade until this internet of skills can be used without problems. For sure the 5G network will change the world.