It's been a few years now since most consumers gave up their flip phones for the sleek flat screen Smartphones. And now the volume is being raised for a sleek folding smart phone. Do we need our smartphones to have the capability of being folded? Probably not, but they could end up with some cool features that might benefit end users in certain businesses.

Prototypes of folding phones have been revealed over the last few years. Reviews have expressed a dislike of hinged split screens and noticeable creases down the middle. But the good news is that over the years, flexible screen technology has evolved enough to take out these kinks.

Today we see folding phone prototypes that can wrap around your wrist, with a seamless three-way fold, have capabilities of being rolled up like a tube or slide out like a piece of paper.

Battle raging

So the battle is on for who can first deliver a folding phone with all the features an end user would want. Word is that Huawei, the world's third largest phone maker with questionable security concerns, may be the first to deliver in November of this year. Samsung has also let word out that they will deliver their first folding phone with a bendable plastic screen, quite possibly before the end of this year. But being the first one out of the gate will mean little if end users do not like the phone.

The real winner will be the one who can deliver a thin, lightweight, durable folding phone that can expand the display window to double its size, has great battery life, great sound, and a camera that takes crystal clear sharp pictures. The battle is raging to be the first to lay the mold of how folding phones will look like, feel like and what features will be important.

High price roll out

Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, LG, Apple, Lenovo, and ZTE Axon have all filed patents years ago on their concept of what a folding smartphone should look like and what features it should possess. With one or two concepts in production, we are told they will be rolling out between 2018 and 2020. After years of working to perfect each bend, fold, slide and/or twist all will claim their flexible display is the best.

Folding phones, which seems to be the most wanted thing on earth now, will demand a very high price for consumers. And as we all know the first end users, who are willing to give up an arm and a leg for this cool phone, will need to be extremely satisfied if it's expected to sell off the shelves.