Car shopping can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Car-buying Apps can help save time and allows a shopper to learn all aspects of vehicles they are interested in. Whether looking for a fuel-efficient SUV, small vehicle, or a sports car, buying apps give a buyer a broad range of choices to decide from. They allow the users to bargain prices, get loans if needed, and show where to find mechanics. A report by PR Newswire provided most of the information used in this article.

Auto phone apps allow a buyer to make informed decisions and allows them more freedom to shop.

Consumers can search locally or nationwide, giving them more opportunities to find what they are looking for. As technology is growing, some companies have developed top mobile apps to help with all aspects of purchasing a car. Here is a list of the top mobile apps to help with the choices and decisions.


Edmunds was founded in 1966 and has been in business 52 years. From the very beginning, they have helped customers decide what car would be best to buy. In 1994, they were the first company to launch on the internet auto info website. Then in 1998, Russian Cosmonauts who were on the MIR spacecraft asked for reading material and NASA sent them a copy of Edmunds. The business continued to grow and in 2010 they launched the app.

The company helps consumers in a wide array of areas when it comes to cars. They help with price calculators, price promises, car searches, and live help.

2. started in 1998. With their mobile app, they help consumers with used, pre-owned, and new cars. Their service includes searches, information about cars, dealers, service, and repairs.

3. The Auto Circle

To make it easier and faster for people, USAA developed the Auto Circle app. USAA received the Forrester Research Groundswell Award for their mobile app. This company helps the buyer apply for a loan and locate the best insurance plan. They can help add other drivers to insurance and also give military members and families a discount.

4. Autogravity

Autogravity makes things easy for the buyer with their app in just three steps. They help with car searches, help find a dealer, and give up to four quotes if you need to finance the car. Users get a reply within minutes.

5. Blinker

Blinker has won the 2017 South by Southwest Interactive Innovation Award. They help shoppers with everything. They help buyers and sellers to connect. Blinker is the only app that allows private sellers to post photos of their cars in seconds and helps buyers search for the car they are interested in. Once a car is found, they help you with making cash payments and help you pre-qualify for financing. Blinker helps a buyer estimate their monthly payments as well. Rod Buscher, founder, and CEO of Blinker wants to change the way car sales and buying is done. By eliminating the middleman it enables people to save money.