There is no end to the vast number of apps that have been designed to help make your Instagram posts stand out. From Video Editing to scheduling posts, there are many free tools that can take good content and turn it into amazing content. By creating eye-catching posts, you will not only raise your chances of increasing your following but also boost your engagement.

It is estimated that over 95 million posts are uploaded to Instagram every single day. Since it's launch on October 6, 2010, over 40 billion photos and videos have been shared on the platform.

With these massive numbers comes staggering competition. With the help of these amazing tools, you can make your Instagram gallery stand out in a sea of content.

Post scheduling

If you are using Instagram for your business or have an exceptionally busy schedule, Later is a great tool to use. You can create an account for free and schedule one post per day for an entire month. The app will post for you on the selected day at the chosen time.

For power users, Later offers tiers reaching up to $49 per month. The paid subscriptions allow users to schedule more than one post per day. It makes managing a busy Instagram account much easier by taking care of the most crucial step: posting.

Photo editing

The most common type of Instagram aid is the Photo Editing app. The list goes on and on. One of the coolest apps for editing pictures is Enlight. It's free to download and offers a vast range of editing options. Enright features all of the basic brightness, contrast, exposure, and filter tools. Plus, it has a nifty mixer tool that allows you to seamlessly combine multiple photos into one.

ColorPop is another amazing tool for making your Instagram photos stand out. This free app puts your image in greyscale and allows you to color in the specific parts of the photo that you want to keep the color.

For images that do not fit into Instagram's 1:1 square box ratio, InShot solves the issue without cropping the photo.

It sizes the image down to fit into the iconic square and fills in the empty side spaces with whatever you want. You can use colors, designs, or even the faded out image itself to fill the side spaces. It even works for videos, which is perfect for uploading Snapchat clips to Instagram.

Video editing

Video editing can be a bit trickier than photo editing. This is simply due to the large file sizes. It's always better to edit video on an actual computer. However, VivaVideo is the best video editing tool available for free. This app offers all the basic editing tools for video clips and allows for export to your phone or straight to Instagram.

If you are looking for a way to turn your favorite photos into short clips, Werble is a great option.

this photo animator app adds special effects to images, turning them into six-second video clips perfect for Instagram. There are over a dozen free animation packages that you can download from this app.

Curating a gallery

All of these tools can help you to create an eye-catching Instagram gallery. Most users are not looking for one or two cool pictures. They are looking for Instagram accounts that have an overall aesthetic that appeals to them personally. The best tip for growing and maintaining a following is to find your own aesthetic and use tools like these to make your posts stand out.