Weeks prior to the release of two of the much-awaited games of 2018, Nvidia released its latest Game Ready Driver today. The latest NVIDIA GeForce driver release (390.77 WHQL) will bring “Game Ready” optimization for “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” which is scheduled to launch on Feb. 13 and “Metal Gear Survive” which will launch on Feb. 22. The latest GeForce driver will also bring additional support for two other games. “Black Desert Online” is said to be integrated with NVIDIA Ansel support while “War Thunder” gets the ShadowPlay Highlights add-on feature.

Game Ready for ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’

Created by game developer Warhorse Studios and the winner of Gamescom 2017’s Best PC Game, the upcoming single-player video game designed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC started as a Kickstarter project back in January 2014. “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” is said to bring a highly-detailed open-world game with a massive lineup of RPG quests and real-time combat.

Game Ready for ‘Metal Gear Survive’

Based on the main story of the 2015 stealth-action video game “Metal Gear Solid V,” “Metal Gear Survive” is said to offer new survival quests and exploration among signature “Metal Gear” action. But, unlike “Kingdom Come: Deliverance,” “Metal Gear Survive” offers both single and multiplayer modes.

GeForce teased a couple of things you may encounter in the single-player mode such as being in the same universe as the main "Metal Gear Solid V" story. Players must also look for their own resources, build weapons and protect their base, while exploring the unknown and developing the much-needed skills to survive the game's hostile environment.

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Meanwhile, you and three of your friends can team up in the online co-op mode. The mission is to infiltrate the main battle area and defend it from tons of zombie-like creatures.

Security and bug fixes

Aside from performance improvements and preparation for the upcoming games, the latest NVIDIA GeForce driver release has security and bug fixes.

This includes at least six (6) important changes that were reported as common issues. For instance, the issues of data corruption and flickering while SLI is enabled and the missing graphics on “Neverwinter Nights” were already resolved. In addition, the persistent showing of the Dynamic Range setting now switches from Full to Limited after you reboot the system. For more information, check the release notes of the NVIDIA GeForce driver.