Okay, on Thanksgiving Day you wanted to eat more than shop and Black Friday was just too big of a crowd to handle. It's understandable, really. But now you missed Small Business Saturday and Sunday, and even lazy Cyber Monday. Welcome to the ranks of the true blue procrastinators.

Now, there are a few things that might get you into the spirit of giving, like sparkling lights, decorated Christmas trees, Christmas stockings hanging on the fireplace, three feet of snow or Christmas carols. Don't worry, you still have 19 more days until Christmas, and they often say the best gift to give, is the one you want yourself.

So bundle up and get shopping, here are five gift idea's to get you started, all that are sure to please.

WowWee's robot dog CHiP

CHiP is 2 pounds of absolute fun. He comes with a Smartband that allows it to recognize and follow it's owner, a Smartball and it's own Smartbed, that allows it to automatically find and recharge itself. This robot dog is packed with technology. Including its own free app that allows playing from phone or tablet. CHiP may not be real but comes awfully close, touch sensors allow it to respond to your touch, gesture sensors are activated when you clap, swipe or move. And voice recognition allows him to perk up when you call and obey a wide list of commands.

CHiPPiES are a smaller version, weighs in at just one pound but they have the same great technology packed in them.

With CHiPPiES you only receive a remote control to make them dance, chase its tail and other fun tricks.They have the same sensors that activate when they are picked up, patted on the head or when you want to go exploring with them.The puppies have LED eyes, come in different colors, can make puppy sounds and have hind legs that can be posed in different ways.

Weatherman Umbrella

This umbrella is a must on everyone's Christmas list. Developed by Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, this umbrella contains three years of thought. Ever elegant looking, with lean lines and a comfortable 42” dome shape. Its strength is a state-of-art industrial-strength fiberglass frame and Teflon coated fabric, that makes it water repellent and fast drying.

But what really makes this Weatherman Umbrella stand out above the rest is the built-in technology. It's “Weatherman” app helps to make sure you never lose your prized possession, tells you when it's going to rain, and reminds you to take your umbrella. There is the choice of collapsible or stick and comes in a good choice of colors.

PowerBear 2-Port Smart Car Charger

For smart car chargers that don't cost an arm and a leg, PowerBear is your go-to brand. Their 2-port charger is highly recommended not only because it can charge your device in 45 minutes, but you can charge two devices at the same time. It's dual USB ports relies on Qualcomm technology for smart charging and protection against power surges, overheating, and short-circuiting.

You receive with charger a 3 feet 2-in-1 cable for Micro USB and Lighting port devices. A great gift for those on the go.

And while we're talking PowerBear, they also have a real powerhouse with their new PowerBar 10-Port USB Charger. They built in Smart IC for fast charging at optimal speed. It has fail-safe electronics to prevent over-current/voltage and over-charging. For that someone you know that always complains about the lack of charging ports, this easy to plug in USB charger will allow them to charge 10 devices at record speed at once.