Pulling traffic on Facebook simply means getting more people to view your posts and having them glue to your subsequent posts. Usually, it tends to be difficult to achieve without having to pay the Facebook team to advertise your post on Facebook. However, there is a way you can generate over 2 million viewers to your posts without having to pay a dime on Facebook ads hrough organic means, this includes;

Pulling traffic by uploading heartwarming and problem-solving posts

Facebook users show more interest in heartwarming and problem-solving posts than any other post.

They tend to focus more on self-development posts like topics on money saving, finance, and health issues. Therefore you need to be more people oriented than money oriented in your posts.

Increase video content

Nowadays, Facebook tends to promote video posts more than text posts. As a result, video posts tend to get more attention than the text posts. In essence, posting more heartwarming and problem-solving videos is capable of pulling huge traffic to you.Make sure that you are using videos often and mix them in between text posts and links for articles.

Pulling traffic by creating and promoting your Facebook pages on your posts

This may take a while but success is guaranteed at the end. When you share your posts, adding links to your pages is an ideal organic way of pulling huge traffic to your network.

Moreover, as many as that view your pages may also share it to their numerous friends from other platforms in additional to the ones on Facebook, like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. This alongside helps you build an email list and get your traffic to opt-in and subscribe to Newsletters, etc.

Be interactive with your posts

Sincerely speaking, this organic method has helped a lot of young start-up Facebook entrepreneurs and AdSense users generate an enormous amount of traffic to their work without having to pay a dime for Facebook paid ads. This method entails that you should try as much as you can to let your followers know that you are human by interacting with your posts.

You can start by encouraging them to comment on your posts, throwing in questions you expect someone to answer back. From there your start commenting and encouraging them to visit your pages as well as sign in for daily newsletter from you to their mail box. In a short while, you will be surprised to see the huge amount of traffic you have generated without paying a dime on paid ads.