In November 2016, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that they were working on the “ultimate mobile device,” reported Forbes. This device is believed to be called the Surface Phone. Since then, many of the company’s executives have also confirmed the handset’s existence. There aren’t too many details about the smartphone that have been announced by Microsoft as of yet. The Redmond-giant has also been filing many interesting patents. On the basis of these patents, it is safe to assume that the upcoming smartphone will definitely stand out. The company is believed to not be manufacturing smartphones that are the same kind as the mainstream ones these days.

They are interested in producing products that consist of unique qualities. They want to be able to bring something refreshing to the market – a kind of product that has never been seen before.

Reports regarding the Surface Phone

One of the Microsoft blogs talks about an image wherein the company’s head Dona Sarkar is holding an unidentified smartphone. This picture was snapped at the Ignite 2017 conference by Microsoft. The smartphone that she is holding features a dual-screen front panel. Furthermore, it looks like the handset is foldable by nature. As soon as this image surfaced online, many were led to believe that this might be the Surface Phone. Microsoft’s Jen Gentleman, however, offered clarification on the matter. According to him, the device that Sarkar is holding is not a smartphone but an iPhone in a wallet holder.

He said that it was Sarkar’s wallet that she uses to store her iPhone in. He further added that it would be absurd for Dona to carry such a confidential product to a public event. Dona Sarkar is a responsible employee of Microsoft and would never do such a thing.

More regarding the phone

It wasn’t Microsoft’s much-awaited Surface Phone but the image revealed that Microsoft employees use Apple products, reports WindowsLatest. The company’s design head, Joe Belfiore has also been seen using Apple products. In fact, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates himself uses an Android phone that is packed with Windows’ functionalities. The Surface Phone will be powered by Andromeda operating system, rumors claim. It is expected to be a modular device and will be launched sometime in 2018. Details about the handset’s price and other specifications will probably show up in time. The phone is expected to compete with the iPhone series and Galaxy S Series.