The company has made it possible to transform furniture into a large touchscreen display. The company has officially introduced its Xperia Touch project to the US market. According to Tech Radar, Sony first unveiled Xperia Touch back in June. The company first launched the product in the UK markets. They decided to bring it to the US for a starting price of $1,700. Sony has specifically targeted this product toward professionals.

Everything you need to know

The report further describes the product as being mobile or highly portable in nature. Individuals can carry it around without much hassle.

The device performs as both a projector and a smart-home speaker. Sony collaborated with Google on this matter. The search giant agreed to provide Assistant services on Xperia Touch. These functions make it extremely convenient for owners to carry out activities related to PCs or tablets. The only difference is that they will be able to perform activities on flat surfaces.

Users can use it on surfaces that extend up to 23-inches. Different furniture types such as coffee tables and counters can easily be used as surfaces. The user can extend product’s display up to 80-inches. This ability comes handy when users are interested in watching movies or playing games. The project has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels.

The product outputs 100 lumens in terms of brightness. The contrast ratio outputs 4,001:1.

The Japanese giant has applied special emphasis on the product's battery life. According to Sony, the battery lasts for over an hour on the single charge. The units do not require a direct power source.

Camera details

The projector features a 13-megapixel camera setup.

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This allows even the tiniest of movements to be portrayed naturally. The camera is capable of projecting content at 60fps in infrared light. The product is also designed to detect human movements. For example, one can simply use their hand gestures to interact with the device.

It appears that the Xperia Touch is doing pretty well among the US customers because it has already been sold out on Amazon.

The product has also been made available for purchase at Sony’s Square (New York City) and T-Mobile stores across Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Overall, this is an interesting product with amazing features. It could be a good alternative of other expansive projectors. The device could be made available only in limited edition.