The registration for CES 2018 has officially begun. Interested fans can visit CES’ official website to purchase passes for the same. Next year’s event is scheduled to take place on January 8. According to Tech Radar, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich will deliver the keynote. The event will begin at 6:30 (PT) and will take place at Park Theater (Monte Carlo). The event will apparently focus on futuristic technology this time. Major innovations such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G network and autonomous vehicles will steal the show.

The event will start on January 9 and will last until January 12.


The South Korean giant always secures itself the primary highlight at every CES and history is proof of it. During CES (2015), Samsung unveiled a never-before-seen concept of bendable TV. The company is now expected to introduce a bendable smartphone. According to Forbes, several rumors claim that Samsung is working on an unidentified smartphone called, “Galaxy X.” It will carry unique features and will be made available for sale almost immediately. One of the main reasons why Samsung chooses to debut the handset so early is so that the company can have an upper hand over its competitors.


Sony’s primary highlight lies in its audio products.

Other times, the Japanese company introduces newer items in its office line. Similarly, Sony is expected to update its Bravia series of TV. The upcoming line-up of Bravia TV will come featuring OLED screens. Apart from this, the company is rumored to debut some high-end speakers.


LG focused on its TV line-up during CES 2017.

History is expected to repeat itself in 2018 as well. The company is believed to be working on visually-stunning and thinner-than-ever-before televisions. These will take on products from Sony and Samsung directly. LG usually reserves smartphone launches for the end of the year.

Automobile manufacturers

Over the years, CES has gradually transformed itself into an automobile show.

According to a report by The Street, Fisker will be among the many to debut its fresh electric line-up called “E-Motion,” during the event. Rumor indicates that the vehicle alone will cost roughly $129,000. This is one of the most expensive offerings made by Fisker. The manufacturer will be joined by others, including Faraday Future, Hyundai and Toyota. These companies also have some surprises packed for its fans.