According to The Investor, industry sources say that Apple is working on new technology that would incorporate a stylus pen into the iPhone. The company released the Apple Pencil in 2015 which is currently only supported by the iPad Pro. Although co-founder Steve Jobs hated the idea of a stylus, it seems the company is moving forward with its plans.

The reason for touch screens

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone revealing its multi-touch technology that would allow owners to navigate the screen with their fingers. During the announcement, Jobs went on to rant about his hate for styluses.

"Who wants a stylus? You have to get them, and put them away, and you lose them, yuck. Nobody wants a stylus," he said at the Macworld conference in San Francisco.


He told the audience that Apple's technology would put the 10 styluses that "God gave us" (referring to fingers) to use.

With Jobs out of the picture, it seems that the company is moving forward and willing to give the stylus a try. Though its 2015 release of the Apple Pencil was not a huge success, incorporating a pen into the iPhone could add to features like Notes and handwritten iMessages.

The Investor says that the new technology could be available as early as 2019, only two generations of iPhones away. While Jobs hated the idea of a stylus, it was mostly because most phones at the time used them in place of using fingers. If the new iPhone included a pen, it would most likely be used for specific tasks such as drawing in the Notes app.

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Styluses currently on the market are made from electromagnetic resonance technology, but Apple will apparently not follow that trend. The Investor's sources say the company will use supercapacitor technology instead as it is a much cheaper and easier option.


Apple and Samsung have gone back and forth over the years trying to be the first to push out new technology. If Apple does incorporate a stylus into the new generation of iPhones, they will most likely receive heavy criticism from Samsung fans.

The company has been using styluses for quite a while in its Note series which is very popular. The phone comes with a small pen that can be stored in a small compartment at the bottom.

Last year, Apple released the iPhone 7 which had no auxiliary input.


This controversial decision was said to be necessary to make room for more technology on the inside of the phone. This statement makes Apple users question how a compartment for a stylus pen would fit in the device. As of now, Apple has not released a statement regarding the validity of these rumors.