Apple unveiled ios 11 at its July WWDC Conference. The update was rolled out in the form of developer previews until finally being introduced for official use in September. iOS 11 brought about many changes. These were primarily targeted towards improving iPhone user’s experience. The next year’s iOS 12 is expected to be much better. It is scheduled to launch in September 2018 but no specific date has actually been announced by the company regarding the launch of iOS 12.

Better Wi-Fi/Bluetooth toggling

Apple revamped the Control Centre feature in iOS 11. The problem with its automatic Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection still persists. Users can disconnect from networks by tapping on the option but their radios still remain active.


This eats up a lot of battery life from the smartphone. Moreover, it can turn out to be highly insecure too. The Cupertino giant – as noted by Tech Radar – is thus, expected to pay extra heed to this particular aspect in iOS 12.

Restoring the App Store

Another prominent change that Apple brought about was in terms of its App Store. The looks and options (that were once available) on the Store have completely changed with iOS 11. While many fans are getting used to the abrupt change, there are clearly still a number of users who are unhappy with it. The “Wish List” option from the App Store has been completely eliminated. Apple is expected to make the App Store more user-friendly with iOS 12.

Better Camera App

One of the best specs of any iPhone is its camera.


The smartphone’s camera app is what makes the device worthy of purchase. Apple, however, is required to integrate better controls in its app. They managed to change a few things in iOS 11 but additional inputs will be integrated next year.

A special “Back” button

There are many times when an iOS user wants to go back to the previous tab. For example, one could be using Gmail but would want to go back to using WhatsApp. There is no physical button that can trigger this activity. Apple may end up adding a tiny option in the next update for this purpose. Upon tapping this option, one can directly go back to the same tab that was being used before.

A better iOS manager

Apple is speculated to bring an all-encompassing desktop experience to its iPhone devices soon.


For this purpose, the company might have to launch a better file explorer/manager that keeps things for users organized. Integration of different services of Apple together will ensure that this remains stable.