A number of Apple device users have complained about several issues with iOS 11 operating system, but it seems that the new iOS 11.0.1 update did not clear up the problems either. In fact, the new update made things even worse. Some iPad and iPhone users seem to be refraining from upgrading the latest operating system.

The Cupertino-based tech firm rolled out its latest mobile operating system with many new features, but the OS also came with a variety of issues. iPhone and iPad owners have reported hearing crackling noises while making a call. The iOS 11 is also making the Bluetooth, Touch ID and WiFi features work improperly.

Battery life issue

Some users claimed that since updating to the latest iOS update, their gadgets’ battery life has been even worse. The operating system causes applications to crash. Some apps are not even launching, making their devices freeze. There are also some users who reported that the alarm on their iPad or iPhone will not make a sound if their gadget is in Silent Mode.

According to Forbes, the tech company rushed out the iOS 11.0.1 update to fix some of the problems, but some Apple device users instead began experiencing even more issues. Apple device owners have been throwing their complaints at the Apple Support Twitter account. The Apple sub-Reddit’s thread for the new update is filled with unhappy reactions from iPhone and iPad users.

Outlook and Exchange email issues

The only bright thing about the new iOS 11.0.1 update is that it resolves some of the Outlook and Exchange email issues, as the features were destroyed by iOS 11, The Street reported. Nonetheless, it appears that the latest update has added to these problems, with a number of users claiming that the update is even more unstable.

However, the tech company has rolled out the iOS 11.1 first beta version and this update will likely be bigger than the 11.0.1. The tech company will gear up the official iOS 11.1 update for the foundation for some of the capabilities of Apple’s 10th-year-anniversary device, iPhone X. Several users are hoping that the forthcoming update will deal with all the issues that Apple device users have so far encountered.

It could take weeks before the tech firm will release the 11.1 update, but users should hope that Apple will launch the update sooner than expected. Apple device owners with iOS 10 operating system are recommended to hold off updating to the new OS. But, for users with the latest operating system, if the Outlook feature is unimportant, it might be a good thing to skip upgrading to 11.0.1 for now.

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