It's fairly Common to hear about the struggles or saving Battery Life when it comes to iPhones. From draining quickly to shutting down when your phone is at 50%, iPhone users are always looking for the best way to preserve battery life. It gets even more complicated with every system update changing the phone's layout around. Luckily, we've already got a few helpful hints to Save Battery life with iOS 11.

The basics that everyone should know

While it may seem like the steps to take in order to save battery life can be very complicated, there are many simple things you can do as well. Applications tend to run in the background, even if you aren't using them. It's always important to close out of running applications to free up space and to save battery life.


One of the most common features of the iPhone is Low Power Mode. While it automatically asks about switching to low power when your phone hits 20%, you can turn on Low Power Mode at any percentage. This mode turns changes settings temporarily in order to preserve battery life. You can also lower your screen brightness to help save energy as well.

Another big thing is to turn off automatic downloads and updates. You never know when one could start. It could start a very inconvenient time when you need the most out of your phone's battery.

Tips that require a little more work

While these tips are not necessarily complicated, they require a little more digging in your settings to get to.

One of these tips is to change your Push and Fetch settings to be done manually.

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This means that apps such as your Mail app for e-mail won't look for new messages until you open it and refresh the feed. You can also manually change your Siri settings. Disabling the "Hey Siri" setting will save some of the energy that your phone uses.

You can also disable visual effects. In the accessibility tab in the settings, you can click the tab for "Reduce Motion". Then you can go back to the "Increase Contrast" tab and enable the "Reduce Transparency" tab. In your settings, you can also turn off apps that use your location and disable notifications to help save your phone's life.

A lot of battery saving techniques require a lot of digging around through the settings on your phone.


While certain things are useful, such as turning off location, many of these things can be achieved by simply putting your phone in Low Power Mode. Luckily, much of the same tactics used before work with iOs 11.

When in doubt, Low Power Mode. It's the easiest way to do it.