Intel first Ssd product for desktop PC and workstation, the Optane SSD 9P, is a storage device that was designed to meet the demands of consumers that were looking for the best performance high-end machines. Intel also announced on its website on Friday that the card was created in collaboration with Roberts Space Industry.

The latest device was based on 3D XPoint platform which is better known as Non-Volatile Memory solution. Previously, the company introduced the concept in a range of products that were designed with 3D XPoint which includes DC P4800X SSD.

Intel also released the Intel Optane memory. The device is aimed to solve the problem between storage responsiveness and memory.

The Optane SSD 900P will be available in two models. The first one is a PCI-e3.0 x 4 expansion card that comes with black colored backplate and shroud. The other model is a 2.5 inches bay drive that attaches to a U.2 interface. When it comes to its capacities, the first one has a space of 280GB while the second one is equipped with 480GB.

Optane SSD price

The price for the latest SSDs card is $389 for the 280 GB model and $599 for the 480 GB model. However, according to a post from First Post, even though the cost per GB is higher than the standard list, those prices are still lower than what fans had expected.

The latest card comes with the biggest advantage for low latency due to the Non-Volatile Memory. In the past, both Micon and Intel have claimed at their conferences that the 3D XPoint technology is going to be 1,000 times faster when it comes to reading and writing speed. They further said that the device will also have 1000 times longer duration.

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Intel revealed several figures regarding its latest SSDs cards, showing that the Optane features a write speed of 550K/500K OPS and Random 4K read. It also has a sequential write and read speed of 2500/2000 MB per seconds, an endurance rate up to 8,760 TBW, and a latency of less than ten uS.

G.Skill releases the fastest memory kit

G.Skill launched its latest memory kit, DDR4 SO-DIMM, last week which was explicitly created for fast-paced devices. However, Tweak Town mentioned in their post that the memory kit is only compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards that have SO-DIMM support. In other words, there are only limited numbers of devices that meet its requirements.

The kit comes with three different specifications and all of them are equipped with the ultra-high performance Samsung B-die DDR4. All of them also feature a voltage of 1.35. The kit comes with a different clock speed of 3,200, 3,600, and 3,800 MHz. Fans can expect the device to be released around December this year.