Google is going all-out with its marketing strategies to put up the toughest competition ever for its rivals. The search giant unveiled its next wave of products on Wednesday, sending ripples across the tech world. It not only revealed the highly-anticipated Pixel 2 smartphone but also announced a plethora of top products. Surely, Google has upped the competition, and Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and even GoPro are not safe.

Google event a mega hardware surprise

CFRA Research’s Angelo Zino told New York Post that Google is testing the waters, and it is going all-out to make its presence felt in the hardware segment of the market.

Even though it is a known fact that Google is gradually moving away from its search and software comfort zone, the Made By Google event is perhaps the company’s biggest hardware move yet.

Google has fished out every competition in the market and announced a product to rival it. Take for example the Pixelbook. It has a price tag of $999 and functions on similar lines as that of the Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Surface Book. The latter can be folded into a tablet. The high-end Chromebook is sure to draw a lot of enthusiasts.

Other gadget manufacturers feel the heat

The Sundar Pichai-led company has also stolen a lot of thunder from the Amazon Echo Dot device. An estimated 13.5 percent of tech consumers owned an Amazon Echo as of August.

Only 5.9 percent owned a Google Smart Speaker. This is going to change, as Google has revealed a new version of the smart speaker to take on Echo Dot.

The $49 price tag is very good. The pint-sized speakers will be available in three colors and will possess all Google Assistant capabilities. The company has also announced a $399 Google Home Max speaker to beat the competition from Apple’s upcoming HomePod speaker.

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The newly revealed gadget is reportedly 20 times more powerful than regular Home speakers.

Apple and GoPro challenged

The new speakers also have 4.5-inch sub-woofers and tweeters. Google will make these available in December to multiply sales, taking advantage of the holiday season. The Mountain View, California, company did not rest there.

It also unveiled the $160 Bluetooth Pixel Buds that can translate 40 foreign languages in real time. Apple’s AirPods are feeling the heat.

Despite the gadget onslaught, the biggest hit was the digital camera maker GoPro. The tech juggernaut revealed the Google Clips, a miniature camera, having a price tag of $249. GoPro shares fell by 6.3 percent to $10.39 after Clips was unveiled.