Google just launched its newest home Mini speaker during the recent pixel event and gave out the smallest member of the speaker line to everyone who attended the event, unfortunately, the devices were found faulty. The speakers which were built to pick up a voice command “Okay Google” to be turned on, started functioning in the home of one of the recipient without any voice command, picking different voices.

Google client reports about the home mini speaker

The fault on the home mini was discovered by the company when they examined a unit given to Artem Russakovskii from Andriod Police, the recipient reported that the home app was continuously recording sound in his house without stopping.

Russakovskii told the tech titan that the home mini speaker was flashing light without being activated when he checked the activity panel, he realized it was filled with recording saved on Google server.The alteration in the Google device which was designed to respond to a voice command “Okay Google,” before it starts recording, affected the interest of consumers in the product. The fault in this device made it function without command and constantly record the owner’s voice and the consumers are afraid that if it could listen and pick every sound when not activated, it can also record private conversations.

Google handled the home speaker incidence with expertise

Google promptly responded to this issue, within hours, the Faulty device was retrieved from Russakovskii’s home.

Though unspecified, Google said a small number of the home mini speaker were affected, and the problem has been fixed by disabling the long-press to activate the device. The home team said they had rolled out a software update on 7th October to avert the risk, and only a small number of devices handed out at the launch event were faulty, other pre-ordered home devices will not be faulty.

The home system is at the same price of $49 with Amazon’s Echo Dot, it is an easy way into the smart home at a low price, with high functionalities like a complete home hub. This device allows you to put multiple home hubs in your house, it can hear commands with low volume better than other speakers, and volume can be controlled just with a tap on the speaker.

It can group the Google home and the mini speaker together, and Google focused on functionality to place the device higher than other devices.

The Google home app has a lot to offer

This new home mini speaker from Google can also serve well as a speakerphone and also a remote control for Chromecast-enabled TV watching, ability to make a hands-free call through the speaker, using your Smartphone. It could be used to call up a lost phone with a voice command and can ring even if your phone is in silent mode.The Google home app actually has a lot more to offer than other competing devices but consumers are expressing doubt because the first outing of the home mini was a bad news. The big question now is would the big “G” be able to clear the doubts in the mind of consumers, if they will how do they hope to achieve this.

Watch out for more updates on the Google home mini speaker.