Google has been very busy the past several days as the search engine juggernaut plans to implement two new features for certain apps as well as ditching one that rubbed people the wrong way.

Google is reportedly testing out a new feature for Gmail on iOS where users can add third-party email accounts. Chrome will receive Breaking News notifications in the future, particularly for Android users. Lastly, Google will drop a planned feature for Google Maps where users are shown how many calories they would burn if they chose to walk to their destination; the calories are represented by mini cupcakes.

Google wants third-party email services in Gmail on iOS

Android users are already allowed to add third-party email services to their Gmail app, and Google wants the same for iOS users as well.

According to a report by The Verge, the search engine giant is testing out the new feature, which means the company wants their users to have the best experience regardless of the platform they use. The third-party email services that are supported will include Yahoo, Outlook and IMAP accounts.

You will need to meet certain conditions if you want to be a beta tester. First, you need to be a current user of Gmail on iOS. Second, you need to have a third-party email account that’s supported. Lastly, your iOS firmware needs to be at least iOS 10 and up.

Breaking News Push notification for Chrome Android

Google is experimenting with a new feature called Breaking News Push notification for Chrome on Android, according to a report by Android Authority.

The new notification is just one of the many experimental functions found in the Chrome Flags log on the Canary channel of Chrome for Android.

The experimental feature works much like the Android news app; it scans for breaking news content suggestions and pushes them to Android devices using Chrome.

Google drops a calorie-counting feature on Google Maps

It seems that Google wants people to have a healthier lifestyle by encouraging them to walk to their destination instead of driving. According to a report by Engadget, Google tested out a feature on Google Maps on iOS devices where users are shown how much calories they would burn if they decide to walk instead of driving.

However, the company didn’t receive the reaction they were hoping for. Instead, the feature was criticized by people on Twitter, saying that it might trigger those with eating disorders. Due to the backlash, Google has since abandoned the idea.