The Web Browser, Firefox, is a free and open-source web app built by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps to keep the internet healthy, accessible, while at same time teaching web literacy to interested individuals while making them to be in control.

Mozilla announced on its website that its new web browser, Firefox Quantum, will be launched on November 14, 2017. Sign up to stay in the know and get launch updates, said Mozilla. This means that users can subscribe to be getting updates until the browser is finally launched.

Speed of the Firefox Quantum

The browser’s speed has been doubled since last year and it is powered by a new cutting-edge engine.


As a result, unlike Chrome, Firefox Quantum uses less memory, this makes other programs to run smoothly without slowing down during browsing.

Beautiful design: the browser was designed with new look and it is loaded with intuitive features like in-browser screenshots. This screenshot feature helps users to take the screenshot of any web page they are currently working on. News rendered by the browser are highlighted categorically. One can choose to “bookmark” a page or to save to “pocket”.

Things can be done faster with the new web browser via the help of the following features of the app. The New Tab, this will helps you to search across multiple websites, view and discover new content. The Library helps you to hold everything you have saved on Firefox while browsing.

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The Mobile Browsing feature helps users to access their bookmarks, open tabs and password across multiple devices. The privacy: ads with trackers can be blocked; this feature of Firefox let you to be in control of your information online. Though most of these features are available in the old browser, however Firefox Quantum strengthens these features.

Test: sample of the app

The beta edition is available on the company’s website for download or you can subscribe so that you will be able to receive any update concerning the browser. The browser is also available to both Android and iOS users. While the Android version is on Google Play store, iOS version is on Apple Store.

To enjoy the browser’s new features daily, you can download the “Nightly” edition (as opposed to beta or stable editions).


Using this edition is at you own risk, said Mozilla. However, Professional users; the developers, can also get the Developer edition for their consumption and contributions. While using the Beta edition, it is expected of you to report to Mozilla the bugs you found or new feature(s) to be added if any.