Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is doing well in the US smartphone market. At the same time, the phone has its own flaws. For example, many users have made complaints about the smartphone’s camera. The company has started taking these criticisms seriously. On Friday, the company launched two new software updates. According to Essential, these are primarily targeted towards improving the smartphone’s camera. This isn’t the first time that the company has launched an update since they introduced this device to the market. They released a firmware update last month too, which fixed the camera app in the Play Store. In a company blog post, Essential’s software engineer, Michael Kolb said that their small team is working very hard at improving Essential’s camera app.

Everything you need to know

According to a report by The Verge, after updating the camera app, users will able to experience a smoother photography experience. The company claims that they have eliminated shutter lag for one-off captures. Before this update, users experienced trouble while capturing even a single photograph. The capture speed used to take a great deal of time. The update has also improved the camera’s ability to capture pictures in low-light conditions.

Users will also observe an enhancement of all-around image output. The camera’s capture speed in both regular and low-light conditions has received a boost. Individuals will notice spatial sound experience when they are shooting in 360 degrees. This experience moves on to platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

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Individuals can make the use of physical volume up/down buttons to adjust the 360-degree mode. They can also use a special countdown timer within the 360-degree mode. The update also brings with it several bug fixes and overall reliability improvement.

More regarding the camera

The company has further said that they plan on adding more modes and functionality to its camera app. They claim that they are currently working on creating a special “Pro Mode.” This will support live-streaming on different social media platforms and photography in Portrait Mode. The latest update is currently in testing. The company claims that they will be able to launch it as soon as the testing ends in success. Essential needs to work faster in terms of updating its smartphone as many other Android options have emerged on the market. Consumers won’t take long to switch.