Since the Made by Google 2017 event, Amazon’s Echo devices are facing real heat. Google’s Home line of devices were revealed and these have all the features to turn some heads away from the Echo line of devices. The speakers are not just Bluetooth speakers. They fit permanently in one’s house, require a 24/7 Internet connection and function via voice commands.

While Amazon speaker users give commands via Alexa, the Home line of devices adheres to the Google Assistant. Many would like to believe that both Amazon and Google are now on even ground.

However, keeping in mind the sheer number of voice-powered home devices offered by Amazon, the company still seems to be way ahead of Google.

The Echo Plus or the Home Max?

The Echo Show, Echo Look, Echo Spot and the Amazon Tap are all powered by the Alexa digital assistant. Google is playing catch-up with the release of Home Max and Home Mini. Apple is also expected to release the HomePod smart speaker in December. The Echo Plus device costs $150. The Google Home Max costs a whopping $400.

Why the huge difference in price? The Echo Plus is a vision of the future of Echo devices. It is a step towards what Amazon aims to achieve – a connected home that is fully controlled by voice and Echo devices.

The Google Home Max is for music lovers, and to some extent, audiophiles. Even though the Max can do everything that Home devices are capable of, it is still primarily a speaker rather than a smart device.

With the Home Max, Google aims to take on the Apple HomePod and other top players in the market, including Sonos Play 5.

Thus, it is clear that the two devices are not really comparable. Now, let’s take a look at the Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot. Both are priced at $50.

The Echo Dot or the Home Mini?

According to Business Insider, the Dot is primarily an extension device. It enables users to network all Echo devices and play music in multiple rooms.

The Home Mini is an extension device too. It is very similar to the Dot, though it has an additional broadcast feature. Those who already own Echo devices should go for the Dot. This is also true for the Home Mini.

Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Users, who want to choose between Google Home ($130) and Amazon Echo ($100), must know that the two are almost identical. Any comparison should be based on price. Naturally, Amazon scores here, as Echo buyers will be able to save $30.

Google also released the Pixel 2 smartphone and the Pixel Buds during the Made by Google 2017 event. It is clear that the search giant has adopted an all-out strategy to quickly create an impact in the hardware segment.

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