It’s been way past the expected deadline for Microsoft to introduce its Surface Phone. Fans are still waiting for the company to finally unveil its much-awaited smartphone. According to Windows blog have suggested that the handset will be powered by a new operating system, “Andromeda.” Newer leaks mentioned by an Italian blog stated that there might be another variant of Surface Phone will come with Windows Core OS. If this turns out to be true, then the smartphone will definitely come packed with all the modern-day features to complete a desktop experience.

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For those who don’t know, Windows Core is a universal OS. It is seamlessly compatible with all types of gadgets. What’s perfect about it is that it delivers the same functionalities as Windows 10.

Windows and the Composable Shell (CShell)

Microsoft designed Windows on the basis of two major components. One is the special “User mode,” and the other one is the “Kernel mode.” The user mode is what includes all the basic necessities. On the other hand, the “kernel mode,” connects the hardware and the software. Microsoft’s three major products i.e. smartphones, PC and Xbox One pack up multiple types of Windows 10. The company packs Composable Shell (CShell) with the software. CShell is what makes it possible for both the modes to work individually. Thanks to CShell, the Redmond-giant does not need the assistance of any specific hardware for these systems to work. In other words, Surface Phone will change its interface automatically. Andromeda comes packed with the same design aesthetics.

This further gives more value to rumors that claim that Surface Phone might be powered by Andromeda.

More information about Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS comes packed with Win 32 applications, which boasts of Project Centennial. This means that even Surface Phone would be able to run Win 32 applications as well. The smartphone is expected to be unveiled somewhere mid-way 2018. They plan on introducing Windows Core OS at the same time too. Microsoft is further expected to launch additional Redstone 6 updates in two years i.e. 2019. More information about Windows Core OS is expected to be published soon. Microsoft is planning on collaborating with more OEM partners that will help them work on the Surface Phone. Other details about the device will show up online too. The device is expected to compete with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8.