Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the latest addition to the company's ever-expanding smartphone series. While most of the anticipation now arises from the impending release of the iPhone X, many Apple fans have already started using the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Some reports of battery failure and explosions have also, been heard. A new report from a Chinese publication may have unearthed other issues with the two new iPhones.

What did the Chinese media report?

A state-sponsored Chinese news publication reported that a customer of the bigger version of the latest Apple phone received the handset in a cracked open state.

The customer, who carries the surname Liu, has claimed that while unboxing the brand-new iPhone 8 Plus, he discovered that sides of the smartphone were cracked open, leaving the internals of the device visible. However, there were no signs of an explosion or battery malfunction.

Liu decided to return the handset to the online retailer,, through which he had ordered the phone in the first place. He claims that he was unable to even charge the device once since the smartphone was split open. This is not the first such incident involving the latest phone.

Previous similar cases

Last month, a couple of users revealed the issues that they had faced with the brand-new iPhones. A user clicked pictures of his swollen iPhone 8 Plus and posted it on social media.

The battery swelling was so severe that it had popped the display of the phone right out of its place. Another user said that while charging the phone using Apple's charger and power cables, the handset started to swell.

Apple has received such reports as well and the company stated that it is trying to figure out what may be causing these issues.

For the time being though, Apple has not been able to determine the cause or how to fix it. Since this is a hardware issue, Apple will have to modify its production line in order to prevent such occurrences.

These issues may remind most consumers of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle that Samsung faced last year. The overheating batteries in the phablet caused several explosions, which resulted in two subsequent recalls of the device.

However, in the end, Samsung had no choice but to completely remove the Galaxy Note 7 from the markets. Apple fans will hope that the latest iPhones do not meet the same fate. For the time being, only a few scattered reports have surfaced, while a majority of iPhone 8 Plus units seems to be functioning normally.