SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC card has been made official by Western Digital. The company took to IFA, 2017 for the announcement of what they claim to be, “the World’s highest capacity Microsd Card.” With a capacity for 400GB storage, the card is designed for mobile users. This serves as the successor to the 200GB variant, which hit the market almost two years back.

Price of the card

According to the announcement made by Western Digital, the card is expected to deliver transfer speeds of roughly 100MBps. Interested buyers can log onto the company’s official website and purchase the card for a starting price of $249.99 (with a ten-year warranty).

The product is also available on several other e-commerce platforms, according to a report by Gadgets 360. The major highlight of 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card is that it supports all the present-day requirements of a smartphone user. For example, full HD video and movie streaming high-quality data transfer at quicker speeds and loading graphics-rich apps in seconds.

A good option for multimedia lovers

The card will also benefit gamers, who often transfer or install information on their systems. Western Digital introduced something called, “Memory Zone” app that allows users to view, access and backup their information in one location. This has been added with the objective to empty the space present on the memory card, the company claimed. “Memory Zone” app will automatically transfer data from the microSD card to its own software, thereby freeing up space.

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An increasing number of users are making use of their smartphones for a number of purposes. They may use it for their own entertainment or can even utilize it for business projects. Mobile phones have now become the epicenter of everyone’s life, Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president, IDC said in a press release. All these activities require the storage of large amounts of data. Every time one watches a video online or installs something on their systems, a massive chunk of their memory storage is being eaten up. Be it anything - smartphones, drones, tablets, PCs or laptops, all require the assistance of a reliable data storage system. Western Digital estimates that roughly 150 billion applications will be installed on smartphones globally this year alone. In a time where user’s requirements are growing at such a speed, the SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC card is believed to be the ultimate solution.