Samsung launched its Gear Sport [VIDEO] smartwatch during the IFA event in Berlin this year. It was an anticipated launch and many fans were hoping that the South Korean company would use the global stage offered by the IFA to show off the wearable. Although it brings a host of new features and functionalities, which have been unseen previously, the Gear Sport has been making news mostly for the Tizen 3.0 operating system that it will sport. It is, in fact, the only smartwatch that will ship with the new platform, which would make it more appealing than earlier products. However, this also means that the Samsung Gear S3 users will not get the latest OS for now.

Samsung has however revealed that the Tizen 3.0 update will roll out to the Gear S3 sometime in the future.

When will Samsung wearable receive the new software update?

The news that the Gear S3 will eventually receive the update that will bump it up to Tizen 3.0 comes from an anonymous source cited by AndroidPit. The source claims that there is information of the update arriving about the smartwatch in the near future. However, the source could not reveal any date or give any idea of how soon this update will be rolled out.

However, it is quite likely that the update will not be seeded to the Gear S3 prior to the release of the Gear Sport. Tizen 3.0 OS is the primary advantage that the recently launched wearable has over the Gear S3 and other previous smartwatches from the company.

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This may mean that the South Korean company would only launch the update at least a few months after the release of the upcoming Gear Sport so that sales of the wearable is maximized.

Samsung has also not mentioned when the Gear Sport will be debuting in the market. Rumors and speculations point to the wearable hitting the shelves sometime in Q4 2017. In that case, it is likely that the Tizen 3.0 update will be rolled out to the Gear S3 in Q1 or Q2 of 2018. Smartwatch enthusiasts will have to wait until Samsung officially reveals an exact release date of the device.

Specs of the Gear Sport

The Samsung Gear Sport comes with a 1.2-inch circular display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. The display is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 cover. It also sports a water resistance rating of up to five atmospheres. The smartwatch can also calculate the daily intake of calories of the user wearing it. The wearable has access to a range of fitness programs, most of which are designed to help people lose weight. The Gear Sport is expected to bear a price tag of around $350.