Samsung is planning on updating its Gear S3 smartwatch with a new “Safety” app. According to a report by Engadget, the company has collaborated with a non-profit organization called Lone Worker. The main objective of their joint venture is to ensure the safety of those who work alone. This usually takes place when their work extends to late-night shifts. It will also benefit employees that have a night-shift job.

A new app

The latest app is called, “Solo Protect.” It comes packed with a wide variety of features that are designed to help workers who are alone. They primarily keep the workers safe, but there are also many features that help them get their work done efficiently.

Lone Worker themselves have launched a series of smart wearables that come with the ability to protect employees who work alone. Their innovation is expected to receive a major boost when it appears on Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch. This is because (needless to say) the consumer base of Gear S3 is much larger in comparison to Lone Worker.

The firm will also gain the much-needed recognition among other smartwatch manufacturers. Chances are, they may even sign up Lone Worker’s applications for future use. The security offered by Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch will also gain more value. The device already comes packed with the company’s proprietary Knox security and SDS EMM security solutions. With the introduction of Lone Worker application, they are also expanding their target audience. Consumers belonging to different backgrounds such as healthcare professionals, real estate agents, construction workers and more will be able to benefit from this feature.

The 'Status Check' feature

According to a report by Android Headlines, after the update, Gear S3 will include the “Status Check” feature. This is going to allow users to record audio messages and store them in the watch. They can even be sent to emergency professionals if the users want. Using the smartwatch’s GPS location tracker, the emergency professionals will be able to discover the employee and get them help.

There is another feature called “Red Alert.” This allows users to call an emergency response team as soon as possible. Users simply are required to long-press the top button of the smartwatch. The latest feature will be released in the form of an update. The exact date of the launch is not known as yet. Samsung is expected to make the announcement regarding this matter shortly.