It goes without saying that when it comes durability, Samsung tops the list. The firm is known to manufacture solid products that last for a long period of time. Although, their impression did suffer a major dent in 2016 when Galaxy Note 7 began exploding. The company hoped to revive its lost glory through its successor, Galaxy Note 8. They took the wraps off it at their “Unpacked” event back on August 23. Like most major smartphones, the handset has now been made to go through a rigorous durability test carried out by famous YouTube user, JerryRigEverything. The results are not surprising as the handset passes the test with flying colors.

The phone will be available in the US market from 15 September.

Scratch test of the phablet

According to a report by WCCFTech, the handset was made to go through different phases of rigorous testing. Zack of JerryRigEverything first began by using different tools such as coins, keys, and other such razor sharp objects to test its withstanding power. The smartphone comes protected with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 layer, which was successful at protecting the handset until Moh level 6 of hardness. Minor scratches only appeared after level 6. This means that the handset can very easily resist every-day scenarios such as keys or coins and still look completely new. Both, the front and rear cameras of Galaxy Note 8 come protected with Gorilla Glass 5.

Therefore, protection for all extends on all sides. According to what Zack has to say in the video, the only region that is most likely to get easily scratched is the frame of the device’s camera module. It is built using metal and does not feature any added level of protection. Metals usually are more prone to scratches than glass. The same applies to the edges of the fingerprint scanner feature that is mounted on the rear panel.

Zack made use of a razor blade to test its durability and it pretty much failed. The good part is, the fingerprint scanner was still functioning normally after being scratched.

Burn test details

According to a report by Gadgets 360, Zack also put Samsung’s S Pen to test. It was discovered that the digital pen’s functionality remains undisturbed all throughout.

One can easily insert and remove the pen, without a hiccup. The user also put the handset through a fire test and found that minor damage was caused to the display of the smartphone but the device came back on within 10 seconds.

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