Pokemon Go – which was introduced back in July 2016 – has certainly come a long way. It’s been over a year, and there isn’t the crazed hype existing around the Augmented Reality (AR) – based game as it used to before. Niantic has constantly been updating its platform, to provide its loyal gamers a good, new and exciting experience. This is not only being done with the objective to draw new users, but also retain the old ones.

Legendary birds become legends

According to a report by Tech Radar, the developers of the game decided to do away with many characters in its latest update.

Some of these even include legendary birds such as Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres. Niantic replaced the old ones with newer players such as the Johto Dog. It entirely depends on the area in which the games live (in the game), for them to be able to catch a certain type of Pokemon too. For example, Entei is mostly discovered in European and African regions, while Suicune can only be found in Asia-Pacific regions.

Gym undergoes a revamp

The biggest change brought about in the game was its revamped gym. The Game Developer added something called, “Raid Battles,” enabling multi-player mode. Another aspect called, “Photo Discs,” has been integrated at each Pokestop with the objective to provide users with unique items.

The Gym Badges have been redesigned to give it a personal touch and the opportunity to win awards have improved too. There are six permanent slots in the Gym, instead of two or four.

The invite-only Raids

Niantic also added “Exclusive Raids” option to Pokemon Go. Gamers will be able to battle with specific players through an invite-only option.

It is important for them to complete a Raid around the region where Exclusive Raid is held, first. The original game consisted of trading, and it was among the most-liked components. Pokemon Go, however, lacked this important feature, which upset many of its fans. The game developer is finally going to adding the trading option in its upcoming update.

Senior Product Manager (Niantic), Mr. Tatsuo Nomura earlier this year said that trading is on its way, but it won’t take place through the internet. Pokestops or gyms will be situated at more commercial areas as well, for example, Starbucks and McDonalds. Niantic plans on joining hands with these companies for the purpose of making the journey of capturing a Pokemon in unexpected regions, more exciting.