Last Wednesday, Microsoft has started accepting pre-orders for the 4K-capable Xbox One X. In line with this development, Albert Penello, who is the head of Xbox Console Marketing, recently answered the one question Xbox users would like to know -- how can they enjoy playing Xbox One X on their old, non-4K TV sets?

According to Penello, Xbox One X was designed with the intention of bringing the full power of 4K gaming experience. But with all the fanfare of 4K HDR gaming experience, Microsoft did not forget their loyal players who won’t be able to immediately upgrade their TV sets to 4K.

Thus, they promised to scale down 4K data to run on 1080p.

What is Supersampling?

In an interview with Xbox Live's Major Nelson, Penello revealed that the upcoming Xbox One X console will have a feature called Supersampling. In this process, 4K data and image quality will be scaled down to fit into a 1080p TV screen, yet still giving a better quality than the older Xbox One console.

Penello added that 1080p users will still get the advanced textures, faster frame rates, and higher quality imagery offered by the new Xbox One X. The head of Xbox marketing also boasted that a 1080p “supersampled” image will definitely bring a huge improvement over native 1080p data and images.

Plus, Xbox One X provides faster loading time due to its improved hardware system.

This includes the console having integrated a purportedly hard drive which was improved at least 50% faster. The Xbox One X is powered by an 8-core 2.3GHz processor, a 12 GB GDDR5 memory and a memory bandwidth of 326 GB/s.

Currently, not all Xbox One X titles are enhanced. Though Penello did not promise they will force all game developers to do so, he promised that games will be marked accordingly so gamers will get the true value of their money.

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Xbox One X games and bundles

Microsoft will finally release the Xbox One X console in the market by Nov. 7, 2017. The price of an Xbox One X 1 TB model is tagged at US$499. But the best part is that there are at least four known Xbox One X bundles with exciting games available, namely: "Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels", "Minecraft Limited Edition", "Shadow of War", and "Madden NFL 18".

Last month at GamesCom 2017, Microsoft revealed during a press event that there are more than 100 games which will all be readily available once Xbox One X is released, both for 4K HDR and enhanced. As of this writing, there are a total of 136 games and more games are expected to be added soon. Check out Microsoft Xbox website to check the complete list of games.