Marshall is a longtime brand known for its high-powered guitar amplifiers. Through its Marshall Headphones brand, the company is taking further steps into the world of home audio. In fact, it has been working with Zound Industries to produce headphones and speakers for years now.

Recently, the firm announced the follow up to its classic lineup of audio equipment with incredible headphones and Bluetooth speakers. The brand new line of multi-room speakers is called Marshall Wireless Multi-Room Speaker System. The new system includes three different sizes that can fit any size room.

It can also be expanded to fit multiple rooms at once. The upgraded versions of the popular models include the Action, the Stanmore, and the Woburn.

Three new speakers

The brand new speakers promise to offer bigger, louder, and stronger sound. The Marshall Action Multi-Room is the smallest of the group. It is a tiny footprint device targeted for bedrooms and tight spaces. It may be small in size, but it can still produce a powerful sound despite its tiny frame. The next speaker in focus is the Stanmore, which is considered to be the most versatile among the three. It has advanced components that are perfect for a midsized room. The last and biggest model, the Woburn, is the heavyweight of the range.

It comes with a huge sound that is built on dual 5.25" woofers and 110 watts of power.

The upgrades

Each speaker features seven one-touch presets, which gives quick access to artist, album, and playlist choices on internet radio stations and Spotify. The update on the control panel also makes adjusting easier between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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The three dials are for overall volume, bass, and treble. The instrument amp-like equalization adjustment also makes tuning to any room in the house easier.

In addition, the speakers have been integrated with the Marshall app to allow a more efficient use. Through the app, users can directly control the speakers and decide which speakers will produce what music/sound.

All three speakers also support AirPlay, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect while featuring 3.5 mm input and even RCA connections.

Price and availability

As for pricing the Action costs $350, Stanmore is priced at $450, and Woburn sells at $600. As expected, the brand new line-up is more expensive than the Bluetooth-only models. All three are available for pre-order on September 1 and are expected to hit the shelves on September 21. Further information is available on Marshall's website.