Fender, one of the best, largest, and most renowned guitar and amp producers is throwing its gloves into the Bluetooth Speaker market. The first two models on offer are supposed to be in the high-quality audio category, and the prices seem to be in accordance with these claims. But, it is certainly the look that will be the primary selling point for the company, since it has to do with something that many rock fans remember - the iconic Fender amplifiers. Will the extremely competitive Bluetooth speaker market go for it, or will they just turn into collector's items, like the amplifiers they are supposed to emulate?

The models

To keep up with its quite recognizable brand look, “Newport” (the smaller version) and “Monterey” (the larger set), have the stylish look of their most popular, The sixties -look amps, also known as the "blackface" amps.

While the original target audience seems to be the rock lovers, Fender is obviously aiming higher, promising “high-quality digital audio”. They should, though, since the prices for both models are definitely for deeper pockets that definitely demand higher quality for the money they would spend.

Monterey, the larger and pricier model (listed at $349.99). Since it is obviously intended as an in-home model and has 120 watts of audio capability, it needs an AC link to operate.

Its double set of woofers (5.12 inches) and tweeters (1 inch), can definitely pack some punch.As a higher end model, it also has a possibility to connect to a preamplifier for an even better sound, a high-quality aptX connection, and a set of RC connectors that offer a possibility to connect a range of devices.

On the other hand, Newport, the smaller model (listed at $199.99) is portable and runs on batteries which can operate for 12 hours before being recharged.

It can produce a solid 30 watts of power coming through its two full-range drivers and one tweeter. It also has a built-in microphone for incoming phone calls. This model is obviously intended more for a party crowd, particularly outdoors, with the intention of producing discernible, quality sound. It also has a USB charging socket and as its larger cousin, an aptX support for CD streaming.

The competition

At the moment, there are no detailed reviews, either by specialist publications or by customers, so it is hard to say whether Fender has a reason to hope for good sales. What is certain at the moment is that while the specifications, and particularly the looks seem quite enticing, the stumbling block for potential buyers might be the asking prices.

There is quite a stiff competition in both ranges particularly with high-yielding models like those from Apple and Amazon. But, in the higher range, the stiffest competitor is Bose with its 360 degrees sound capability. In the lower price range, Fender again has its longtime amp competitor breathing behind its neck - Marshal Stockwell, the producer of Marshall amps, which also produces an amp looking model.