Apple is rumored to be eliminating its physical home button in favor of a bezel-less front panel. With another primary feature gone, many other important functions such as Touch ID and a way to command Siri will be missing as well. Since the firm will integrate a 3D face scanner, authenticating the user won’t be a problem. Apple is also rumored to be embedding its power button -- with the ability to activate Siri.

According to a report by Tech Radar, citing information deciphered by the prolific developer, Guilherme Rambo, the company has come up with a new way of triggering Siri. Rambo found codes in HomePod firmware, indicating the assimilation of a “gesture to invoke Siri by holding the lock button.” Till the 9th-gen of iPhone devices, the virtual assistant could be invoked by simply long-pressing the Home Button.

This was entirely convenient, as users weren't required to voice command it or click a series of buttons. Users are also provided with the option of waking Siri up by simply saying, “Hey Siri!” to the phone.

New way to invoke Siri

As Rambo claims, the Cupertino giant was focused on providing its consumers the option of invoking Siri using a button press as well. Finally, they settled with the power button, which also serves the function of waking the iPhone device. One can even activate “Emergency SOS” option by pressing the power button a total of five times. This automatically triggers a call to the nearest emergency services. Rambo, as noted by Tech Radar, holds the reputation of guessing most of the features of iPhone 8 on the basis of codes deciphered from Apple’s HomePod speakers, 4K Apple TV, and other related products.

The firm also apparently wants to link its power button with “cop mode” setting through iOS 11. This pretty much disables Touch ID, when fingerprint scanning fails twice or thrice in a row. Users are then required to enter their passcodes, to access the smartphone.

Software bar

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, iPhone 8 will also feature something called a “software bar.” This will carry out all the functions of the physical home button; for instance, an iPad-like dock that consists of all the important apps consumers’ access on a daily basis. Apple announced its iOS 11 software at WWDC conference in June this year. It is expected to roll out the new device soon. According to rumors, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone Edition will be a part of it.