Apple just finished a successful major event. The unveiling of their devices happened in their new headquarters in Cupertino, California and was met with a lot of enthusiasm. The Steve Jobs Theater was packed with people as the media flocked to check out the phones. Here are the new gadgets that Apple is launching this year.

Watch Series 3 and TV

The company started their presentation of devices with the Apple Watch Series 3. The company boasts a bunch of new upgrades for the watch which now includes a built-in cellular. With the new feature, the watch not only tells time but also receives phone calls and text messages.

Unlike the previous models, Siri can now speak to the user anytime.

Other than this, the watch can now access the map which allows the consumer to use it as a navigation tool when traveling. However, the biggest change in the Watch series 3 is music. The new version can now stream up to 40 million songs. All these new features are made possible because of the new dual core processor Apple has booted up in the Watch. The Series 3 prices start at $329 for the non-cellular model and $399 with the cellular model.

Apple TV 4K was also introduced in the event. As the name implies, the new device can now show four times the pixels than previous models. It is also booted up with a High Dynamic Range which completely raises the quality of the pictures.

Apple also revamped the TV’s UI in 4k to suit the new upgrades.

Three new iPhone units

After all that, Tim Cook went to the main event of the day; the unveiling of the iPhones. The presentation started with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple boasts the new smartphones design which now has glass on the front and back of the unit.

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Both 8 and 8 Plus also have an aerospace-grade aluminum and a 7-layer color process that completely boosted the overall look. The phones are said to come in three colors: space gray, silver, and gold.

The most important parts of the devices are what’s inside. The iPhone 8 is embedded with Apple’s all new A11 bionic chip with 4.3 billion transistors and six-core CPU.

This means that the devices can now handle a lot of apps and other software workloads up to 70%. iPhone 8’s price starts at $699 while the 8 Plus starts at $799.

Apple also unveiled their brand new flagship phone called the iPhone X. The iPhone X boasts an amazing edge-to-edge screen combined with Apple’s enhanced retina display. The phone also got rid of the finger print lock to make way for the all new facial ID. iPhone X’s pricing starts at $999.

Other details about the devices can now be found on Apple’s website.