Best Buy, one of the leading online stores of electronics and software in the US, will no longer offer Kaspersky Lab products to customers, the Verge reported. The company is concerned about the cybersecurity firm's links with the Russian government, so it is going to remove the Kaspersky products from its website.

The Senate was not uncomfortable with the use of Kaspersky

In May, the six heads of the United States intelligence agencies showed their discomfort towards the Russian antivirus during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. The Senate said that the company from the Russian Federation could be allegedly using "Kremlin-backed hackers" to manipulate the users and get their private correspondence and data.

Two months ago, the US Senate Armed Services Committee proposed the Department of Defense to ban Kaspersky for using due to reports that showed the links between the Moscow-based company and the Russian government.

According to the Star Tribune, a decision to ban Kaspersky is connected with media reports, the actions of the US Congress and discussions among industry representatives.

What are the necessary steps to be taken?

Those customers, who have already purchased the Kaspersky software or have an active subscription, can exchange it for another product within 45 days. Kaspersky Lab has more than 400 million users. The Lab has already announced its full readiness to cooperate with the US government and completely denied the accusations.

In the US Congress, there are independent investigations into the alleged interference of the Russian Federation in the US presidential election, which was won by Donald Trump. The FBI also conducted a similar investigation. There are regular reports about the contacts of members of the Trump pre-election headquarters with Russian officials and businessmen.

In summer, no evidence of allegations of the hackers' involvement was found during the investigation in the Kaspersky Lab in the US. Best Buy's decision to ban Kaspersky could be re-evaluated, as the cybersecurity firm said that they had a good relationship with the company. The users can still buy the product from the popular Online Stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Staples.

Best Buy said that "The only conclusion seems to be that Kaspersky Lab is caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight." The company had been offering the Kaspersky products for more than a decade.