98-year-old American tabloid The New York Daily News was bought by Tronc, which also owns The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune, New York Times wrote on Monday. The tabloid will change its format and will not represent the view of the working class. Its previous owner Mortimer B. Zuckerman used to add the political pressure in it, commenting politicians, which will also disappear.

A famous newspaper will be changed

The Daily News, situated in New York City, included news about city, celebrities, sport, rumors. Its main contestant was The New York Post.

For the last time, It became less popular because of the developing digital age and had to reduce the staff. The paper used to sell up to two million copies daily about 70 years ago, but nowadays it hardly reached several hundred thousand. Although it created its own web site, attracting 24 million visitors monthly, it was more famous for being a tabloid.

In the beginning of 2017, The Daily News got the Pulitzer Prize for its partnership with ProPublica in writing series of stories about the violations of the city law.

A new chance for the success

The Daily News will be owned by a Chicago-based company Tronc, the newspaper publisher which had been named Tribune before. The newspaper was sold for $1 with liabilities of tens of millions of dollars, CNN reported.

Zuckerman bought this newspaper 24 years ago for $36 million, saving it from the danger of bankruptcy. Zuckerman decided to sell the newspaper in 2015 and got worthy offers, but later he changed his decision. Mortimer B. Zuckerman said The Daily News had “helped shape the dynamics of the city.” His main goal and investments were aimed to make the newspaper popular among the national audience.

Tronc announced that it will manage all the operating costs and debts, helping the newspaper to become the popular and famous again. Tronc will also acquire the printing copies in Jersey City, N.J., as well as 49.9% of the land which belongs to the newspaper. Editor in chief Arthur Browne is going to be the editor and publisher of The Daily News up to the end of this year, he will report to Tronc President Timothy Knight.

"We look forward to working with them to serve new audiences and marketers while delivering value for our shareholders," announced tronc CEO Justin Dearborn about their future work with The Daily News, noting that it will help them in improving their digital business.