Apple’s smartwatch is one of the best-selling wearables across the globe, including Watch Series 1 and 2. Now, tech fans are in for a treat with the cellular connectivity of the company’s newly released Apple Watch Series 3. The LTE connectivity feature of the new smartwatch aims to untie the device that has kept it tethered to its handset.

Apple’s latest wearable will connect users to the world around them. CNBC reported that the red on the digital crown on the wearable suggests that it is the variant with the cellular connectivity feature. The smartwatch has a built-in antenna that allows its user to make and receive text messages as well as phone calls.

The device will also allow its user to call up Siri for inquiries as well as streaming Apple Music.

Cellular connectivity

One advantage of the new smartwatch is that users don’t need to carry their mobile device when they leave their houses. In case of an emergency, users will be reached wherever they are right away with the LTE connectivity of the device.

The new device appears to be manageable and convenient. The Cupertino-based tech company made it known that its latest wearable is up to 70 percent faster compared to its second-gen smartwatch and about 50 percent faster compared to the first-gen wearable. The latest device is now equipped with a barometric altimeter, a new Siri watch face, enhanced heart rate monitor, new S3 chip and the latest watchOS 4 operating system.

In terms of design, the Apple Watch Series 3 appears to look like its predecessor, according to Ars Technica. The new device continues the same square-shaped design of its predecessor. The tech company doesn’t seem to mind the square-shaped design that is not stylish by any means.

However, Apple’s latest wearable comes along with a new strap, called Sport Loop.

The new strap seems comfortable and has a small metal hook and loop to fasten the device around the user’s wrist. There are a number of strap options for the Apple Watch Series 3 that are now available in the market.

Price of the device

Although the new smartwatch is dynamic, there is an extra cost if a person will purchase the LTE connectivity version.

The pricing of the new smartwatch starts at $329 for the non-LTE model and $399 for the LTE variant. The extra cost for the LTE connectivity model may be at least $120 per year. With these prices, smartwatch enthusiasts will enjoy a sense of freedom from their handset. Nonetheless, this is quite expensive for a number of individuals.

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