The popular transport service app Uber is just getting more and more social these days, as the platform has recently launched a new tool that allows drivers to share their locations to friends. Usa Today reported that this new tool can provide solutions for drivers to stay long hours on the road.

Uber launched “Share My Trip” on Monday, as its latest tech update with a goal to address several requests made by its drivers. The newest feature was launched in around 150 locations and cities worldwide, USA Today added.

“Share My Trip” lets drivers share their current location with their friends and relatives, or share them through social media website such as WhatsApp.

Monday’s launch was just its first wave of trials, and it has been reported that it will soon be available in more than 800 cities a few weeks from now.

How to activate the feature

Uber drivers can use the newest tech tool by simply tapping the share button in the app. As they do this, they will be shown with a list of their family members, relatives and friends. They just have to tick the boxes beside these names, and the selected names will be alerted about the driver’s location on their smartphones. As the driver journeys around, these selected people can also track their progress.

Through the new feature, the transport service platform aims to address the growing concerns of drivers who want to let people know their location in a more efficient way possible.

Uber’s head of trust and safety initiatives Kate Parker told USA Today that users want to let their loved ones know whether they are searching for riders or they are on break. It can also be used for emergency purposes.

Driver injury insurance program

Uber has also recently announced its Driver Injury Protection insurance program, in partnership with a global leader in insurance brokerage, Aon.

The application will provide benefits for lost income due to disability. The program also includes accident insurance provisions, such as health benefits, USA Today added.

The program will be available across the United States, and in some of its worldwide markets where it operates. This is only among their many promising plans in order to rekindle their relationship with millions of people who rely on this start-up for their everyday needs.


On Tuesday, Uber officially welcomed its newest chief executive officer Dara Khosrowshahi, who was formerly the head of online travel business platform, Expedia. Reuters reported that the company selected Khosrowshahi through a vote held last August 27, and was announced through a note sent to its employees. The new CEO worked in Expedia for 12 years, before accepting this new responsibility.

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