An Apple car that is self-driving is the next thing on the wish lists of technology enthusiasts. Apple confirmed their interest in the field of Self-driving cars. Apple is not the only company that wants to build self-driving cars, as other big companies have already taken important steps in this direction.

Apple's general manager is interested in self-driving cars

In mid-June this year, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed the company's interest in the self-driving car. Cook said they will focus on autonomous systems because this is the most important area on the vast territory of Artificial Intelligence.

He highlighted the three vectors where Apple believes they are the future of cars: the electric motor, the automatic pilot and the ridesharing systems (the use of the same car by several people).

Photos of a white hybrid Lexus car coming out of an Apple facility, a car that possessed sophisticated equipment, circulated around the Internet. Then the media rushed to speculate about the future Autonomous Apple Car.

However, the strategy that was chosen by Apple to enter this market still was not revealed. According to analysts, Apple has many options - partnerships with companies who offer car-sharing or car rental services, partnerships to equip other cars with Apple equipment, or even a mixture of these business strategies.

According to the same sources, Apple has a partnership with Hertz — a car rental company — to test autonomous vehicles. Apple could develop a software platform for autonomous piloting, a project of their own, or more likely a joint venture with a carmaker.

Could Apple be able to build self-driving cars?

But some experts are skeptical, pointing out that this is not Apple's traditional domain of expertise.

They say a serious investment in this direction means a jump in the unknown for the company, even considering the enormous financial reserves of the IT giant ($750 billion in net worth). However, it is possible that the company founded by Steve Jobs won't launch their own car, they could launch only an automatic piloting system software.

This software can be installed on a wider range of car models.

Apple received a green light in April this year to begin testing automating pilot technology for cars in California, according to The Verge. A white Lexus RX450h crossover car was seen in the Silicon Valley area and photos and even videos recorded with the mobile phone came to the news.