The most anticipated project by Microsoft has started observing issues even before its launch. Sources also believe that the firm was planning to launch its most awaited product- Surface Book 2 in January. According to the internal sources and several social media publications, the projected laptop device is not ready to be launched even today.

However, rumors also acclaimed that the company has been massively spending on this project and is expected to be discarding the old-fashioned clip-on tablet in preference for a regular clamshell project.

Sources also suggested that the leading tech giant is currently emphasizing on augmenting its current line-up in order to compensate for the postponement.

Also, the updates say that the company is significantly working to enhance the line-up along with the user experience. Henceforth, this exclusive product is anticipated to be equipped with innovative specifications coupled with the frontline features.

Rumored specs and features

The new update is presumed to come along with bountiful improvements. Perhaps, Microsoft has also offered countless modifications to Cortana speech recognition. On the top of this, the experts believe that the company may have also enhanced the audio-visual playback feature.

Furthermore, because of this fresh update, customers can use the application even when they are offline or disconnected. Microsoft's upcoming laptop design may channel the old hinge design and will pick for a 2-in-1 tablet design that can be detachable.

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The theory is appealing and can only be reviewed by the customers after the use.

Price of the Laptop

Recently, Verge mentioned that the clients who are planning to use this product with Windows 10 Creator update might have rarer possibilities to use it at all. Rumors suggest that the authorized State Bar has prohibited testers to use the Surface Book 2 along with the latest update.

Nevertheless, the firm recently discovered that they are also working on Creators Update for Windows 10 in order to make it probable for the customers. The company lately disclosed the team is regularly taking innovative approaches in order to guarantee the enhanced, superior and structured line-up to the users.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is anticipated to be valued nearly $1,000, expensive than what predecessor fee. Though no certified validation has been given by the company as yet, surface book 2 is predictable to be launched in October 2017.