Splatoon 2” has launched its first official Splatfest on Aug. 4, setting juggernauts to fight against each other through a mortal combat. The event has been seen as an invitation for the fans of the game to prepare for a battle and help their teams claim the much-coveted victory.

“Splatoon 2” brings special events via splatfests

In the game’s Splatfest, which was first introduced in the original “Splatoon,” Special Events are being featured. In the events, two teams of players fight one another by answering a number of questions, while spontaneously being asked to choose between mayonnaise and ketchup. In order to join the fights, players are required to go to the Splatfest kiosk to be able to pick a choice.

The Splatfest events have inks that themed after the team’s chosen condiment, making the areas appear like they have been splashed with either mayonnaise or ketchup. In addition, the players are also allowed to wear their team-themed gear during the course of the event, including the chance to win special awards.

The latest “Splatoon” franchise’s latest treat, meantime, is made more special by a new stage that is being used in the event rotations Eurogamer reported. As previously announced by Nintendo, this new addition called “Shifty Station” will be available during the event, but with a few tweaks that players will have to discover themselves. The winners of the Super Sea Snails are announced and given when the Splatfest concludes; all according to the performance during the matches, including popularity.

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A brand new “Splatoon” weapon has also been added in the free DLC to honor the first official Splatfest. According to Kotaku, the Sploosh-O-Matic weapon, which was first introduced in the original title, provides a short range but stronger attack power for better crowd control.

Guide to unlock “Splatoon 2” hero weapons revealed

Several reports have suggested that there are particular levels within the game where never before seen weapons are featured. According to those who have tried the weapons, players can use it throughout the game’s single player campaign. The Hero Weapons, which is the collective term for the new weaponry, can also be used at any level they want for as long as it is not a level in which they are asked to use a particular weapon of choice.

Unlocking a single Hero Weapon in the latest game franchise for online use requires a player to defeat every Lair level in a single player campaign through that one Hero Weapon. It means that in Boss levels, the players may be in a difficult situation beating the Octo Shower boss with the use of a short range weapon such as the Hero Dualies.